Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant

The requirements to Composites in railway vehicles are increasing more and more. To provide the best protection to passengers in case of a fire, Composite materials must be flame-retardant and equipped with smoke-reducing characteristics. The materials have to pass extensive tests with high requirements, which may be different from country to country and from railway company to railway company.

Properties:   High flame retardant technology and produced for the flame, fire and spark risk applications Can be produced brush type or spray type, transparent, white and colored.

Applications:  Flame, fire and spark risk applications

MODIFICATIONS : Thixotropic (T), Preaccelerated(A)
Ortho Spray type: 3000-4000 (#5/20 rpm @25 °C)
Brush type: 8000-10000 (#5/20 rpm @25 °C)
Spray type: 10-15 (@25 °C 2 mL % 60 MEK-P)
Brush type: 6-10 (@25 °C 2 mL % 60 MEK-P)
Modification Codes
T Thixotropic (no sagging)   LS Low Shrinkage
A Cobalt preaccelerated   HV High Viscosity
B Blue Indicator   LV Low Viscosity
D Filled   L UV light stabilized
FR Flame retardant   FT Brush or Roller Application
LSE Low Styrene Emission   TT Spray Application
Amine pre-accelerated   Color White or custom color options

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