Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Isophthalic-based gelcoats are used in the production of products where chemical resistance is important and mostly used outdoors. It preserves its brightness and color for many years with its physical strength. It has an ideal resistance against water and atmospheric conditions.
Products in this group can be produced in color and transparent. These modified gelcoats with ISO/NPG/Acrylic structure can be safely applied in all areas with difficult conditions such as automotive parts, artificial marble-granite kitchen countertops that require chemical and heat resistance.

Properties:   Medium reactive, transparent, bisphenol based, pre-accelerated, high chemical and heat resistance gelcoat. Can be produced brush type or spray type, transparent, white and other colored.

Applications:  Chemical storage tanks, corrosion resistance surface coatings, mould production, yatchs and other sea vessels.

MODIFICATIONS : Thixotropic (T), Preaccelerated(A)
Bisphenol based Spray type: 3000-4000 (#5/50 rpm @25 °C)
Brush type: 7000-8000 (#5/50 rpm @25 °C)
Spray type: 9-12 (@23 °C 1 mL % 60 MEK-P)
Brush type: 9-12 (@23 °C 1 mL % 60 MEK-P)
Modification Codes
T Thixotropic (no sagging)   LS Low Shrinkage
A Cobalt preaccelerated   HV High Viscosity
B Blue Indicator   LV Low Viscosity
D Filled   L UV light stabilized
FR Flame retardant   FT Brush or Roller Application
LSE Low Styrene Emission   TT Spray Application
Amine pre-accelerated   Color White or custom color options

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