Bright Topcoat

Bright Topcoat

Gelcoat is applied directly to the mould before the glass is laid up using resin. It is a thickened and usually pigmented resin intended to give a good hard wearing finish. Topcoat, also known as flowcoat is used to provide a good finish to the inside of the moulding covering the rough glass surface. The point is gelcoat is air inhibited meaning the surface will remain tacky if left open to the air so it can't be used as a paint type coating. Flowcoat has wax added to prevent the surface tackiness, the only problem being the wax will prevent any further layers adhering.

Properties:   High level of chemical and heat resistance characteristics, very smooth, excellent brightness. Can be produced brush type or spray type.

Applications:  Coating the outer surface of bijouteri materials and buttons

MODIFICATIONS : Thixotropic (T), Preaccelerated(A)
Ortho Spray type: 1500-2100 (#3/60 rpm @25 °C)
Brush type: 5000-8000 (#3/60 rpm @25 °C)
Spray type: 10-15 (@25 °C 2 mL % 60 MEK-P)
Brush type: 10-15 (@25 °C 2 mL % 60 MEK-P)
Modification Codes
T Thixotropic (no sagging)   LS Low Shrinkage
A Cobalt preaccelerated   HV High Viscosity
B Blue Indicator   LV Low Viscosity
D Filled   L UV light stabilized
FR Flame retardant   FT Brush or Roller Application
LSE Low Styrene Emission   TT Spray Application
Amine pre-accelerated   Color White or custom color options

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