Polres gelcoats are especially modified resins that protect the composite materials against UV/weathering and chemicals. They allow for a nice smooth surface and can be applied with a brush or spray gun.

General Purpose

Designed for general industrial applications


Designed for applications where chemical resistance, atmospheric and weathering resistance are required

High Performance

Designed for applications where high chemical resistance, aesthetic appearance and weather resistance are required

Chemical Resistance

Designed for productions where chemical resistance and weathering resistance are needed

Sandable - Paint Finish

Desined for producing paint finish parts

Fire Retardant

Designed for use in used both internally and externally for building, transport and general industrial work

Bright Topcoat

Designed to provide a complete surface cure that is able to be sanded and polished after curing of the surface layer

Mould Type

Desined for producing moulds which is used in composite materials production